My dear one,
don’t let them get
you down.

This world can be
a reckless place,
filled with bruises
and rough hands.

And your heart is
soft; a tender
soapstone meant
for gentle echoes,
not harsh noise.

It doesn’t get
any easier- zipping
that fragile skin each
time it wants to collapse,
but I can tell you this:
it is that tender fragility
that makes you

For you are a light,
in a world dripped in dark;
your softness burns
with the juice of the stars
who squeezed their
magic into you.

You don’t need to fit,
you just need to be you,
let that tender heart pour
into yourself every time
you feel bruised-

For love is the aloe
to heal the wound,
and you my dear one,
walk with the soul
of love’s truth.