Do you remember?
I remember.

Days gone by
and Auld Lang Syne
with hints of sunsets and Lemurian dreams.

Tinges of Oregon, pink in the spring
where cherry blossoms sing
in cheerful symphony.

Do you remember?
I remember.

Mountain trails and humpback whales
and the pure scent of snow
on the clean evergreens.

Cannon Beach in the storm
with fireplace warmth;
honeymoon by the river spun new words and new yarns

Do you remember?
I remember.

Of yesteryears and all the tears
old wounds and old loves,
old hopes and old fears.

A girl interrupted a life erupted
the day her brother abrupted
a heart splinched in two and her old path obstructed—

A new journey began of grief that day.

Do you remember?
I remember.

Of all that’s past that didn’t last
and the ways we found peace in unspeakable pain.

A hiraeth of longing
a search for new belonging
carrying nameless ache over a soul-swept terrain.

Do you remember?
I remember.

So come, let us sit and remember together
and sing our songs of yesterdays.

We’ll raise a glass to all that passed
and honor the memories that twine our heart strings.

Remember the love,
release heaven’s doves,
fly away all our tears on angel’s wings.

Releasing, redeeming, creating new meaning
embodying the strength and
wisdom gained.

And with the light in our hearts
we’ll transmute pain to art
and paint this world a better place.