sunshine in winter

poetry & prose by dr. bethanne k.w.


If you are interested in finding out more about my work, please click on the books below for more information!

Lamentations of the Sea – Lamentations of the Sea: 111 passages on grief, love, loss and letting go, is a lighthouse in the dark for anyone who has known loss. This collection of personal essays, reflections, poetry and prose follows the journey of the author after losing her brother as she takes a passage of grief and finds light and love along the way.  Honest, authentic and heartfelt, Lamentations of the Sea offers perspectives on loving and losing through a spiritual, psychological and personal lens leaving the reader with a sense of understanding, comfort, and hope. (Golden Dragonfly Press, 2017)

Heliotrope Nights – With rich imagery of the natural world and soulful words that speak to our relationship with ourselves, each other, and the earth, Heliotrope Nights is an exploration of the human spirit and journey of soul, where the author’s deep reverence for nature and ability to find sacred in the everyday shines through. Through works of self-discovery, reflections on humanity, and a fearless unveiling of personal truth, this stirring collection of poetry, prose, and short essays invites the reader to turn inwards, reflect, and consider their own truth.

Freebird Fridays – A beautiful collection of poetry, prose and meditations, freebird fridays: a love story, celebrates the multiple faces of love. Whether the words are exploring our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with life, or our relationships with one another, there is a celebration of love running through the veins of this book that encourages the reader to choose love, again and again, through self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-kindness. Inspiring, whimsical, genuine and reflective, freebird fridays is a beautiful tribute to the changing powers of love. (Golden Dragonfly Press, 2016)

Cranberry Dusk – A delightful expression on growth, change, and the beauty of being human, the poetry in Cranberry Dusk explores the process of becoming. Words of love, healing, and natural imagery inspire us to find a greater sense of acceptance for the process of life– and, in so doing, find a greater acceptance for ourselves. Through a gentle voice of compassion and grace, Cranberry Dusk extends an invitation to embrace the whole of who we are in all our fractured, exquisite, fullness of self. (Blurb Inc., 2016)

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