My dear girl,
you thought you were headed
one way when Life pointed you
in an entirely different

Because that is the
nature of this reality
where time is non-linear
and sometimes we
travel backwards,
in order to discover
we’ve been moving
forward all along.

I know that not all
looks the way
you thought it would,
but I think if you look
closely you’ll see the
ingredients for happiness
are all there—

If you just shake them
up with inelegant grace
and learn to laugh at
the mixture you’ve made.

Realizing that this too
is part of the trail of becoming…
the knowing,
then not knowing
-unbecoming, again and again-
re-meeting ourselves along
the road.

Each of us fools on the journey
we keep seeing how little we know
the longer we go.

Each of us here at Life’s invitation
so we can grow in love
and remember–
the timeless truth of our souls.