(a poem on embracing change)

Photo by Artem Dulub: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-in-a-hoodie-standing-on-brown-sand-near-body-of-water-5176153/

My dear girl, of course, it hurts to say goodbye 
to something that held you in its stead.

But every ending is also the soil for a beginning,
and just as summer’s soft blue became fall’s
golden hue then winter’s whale spew
and spring’s bright dew–

So too do you have your own turn of seasons.

With permission to embrace the bittersweet diaphanous
pain of change, finding gratitude for all that has been,
allowing what’s next 
to begin to arrange.

For there is always something round the bend
waiting to be discovered, and if you keep your heart 
open to life, you will see there’s more life 
wanting to be uncovered.

Deep breath.
Chin up.
Heart open wide—

Allow what’s passed to slip from your grasp
and prepare to receive a new cycle of light.