(why our words matter)

How can a simple word be an aloe balm,
or a phrase a dose of vitamin D for the soul.

Or the way an idea is strung together with lyrical grief
offering up hope and giving us the grace of catharsis.

Maybe there is more to the structure of a stanza
than meets the eye.

Defying gravity, perhaps each line is a vast
network of starry roots, connected to a multiverse
of wisdom contained in each stroke and note.

Harmonizing in ancient alchemy to bring
the receiver what they need.
We meet somewhere in the epicenter.

An unending chain of storytellers;
the power of myth our ancestry.
Poetry the medicine we share in our world.

A library of hollow bones
channeling light into a weary ground.

We heal one psalm, one prose, one page at a time.
Each letter a change-agent of peace, truth and love.