The sky is pewter and cerulean today with quick moving clouds.

A mix of silver and blue as the weather makes up its mind about whether to rain or shine.

I am doing one of my favorite things as of late: cruising down to the lighthouse lookout point on my bike. Taking the time to take in the views and pedal down quiet side streets where yellow flowers pop on the trees and all you can see is ocean blue when you look out into the horizon.

Change is on my mind as I bike.

How the only thing constant in this world is change, and yet humans are usually achingly resistant to it due to our discomfort with uncertainty.

How change never looks the way we expect it to; we keep relearning life’s lesson that trying to predict the unknown of the future based on the knowledge of the past is a rather useless thing to do.

How change can be a divine invitation to surrender into the greater universal flow, staying curious and open to the strange waters of life.

We can resist change, or we can become the rhythm of the bicycle, gently moving to the beat of life’s pedals with as much fluidity as possible.

Today I’m fluid.

Letting myself be carried when the ground slants down, slowly pushing the pedals when the ground tips up, expending as little effort as I can.

I take the moment into my heart, seeing it as a metaphor for life. Remembering we can navigate great consequence with peace when we lean into the direction we’re pointed.

Before I know it, the silver begins to win out over the blue, a spray of mist blows on my face, and I look around hoping to spy a rainbow, so I can receive its wisdom of multiplicity that teaches us we too hold all the colors.

Today my heart is rich rust, cider bronze, and forest green. The terrain of my inner self autumnal; thoughtfully shedding the old in preparation for new life to come.

One thing about living on an island – where the jungle growth is prolific – is that you are continually witnessing the unending cycle of birth, death and rebirth: when ones tries to tame, cut back, and crop out mother nature, she will take the void and refill it with newfound abundance every time.

That is the undefinable mystery and wisdom of the divine feminine – she has a profound capacity to rise, creating life from seemingly nothing.

Her medicine reminding us that if we can remember we are a part of her ecosystem, then we can understand that we too are in a perpetual state of transformation, and so we have no need to fear when something falls away, because we know that in time something new will grow in that space.

I find this comforting as I ride along, smiling at the gentle nene and a protective mama hen shepherding her baby chicks across the way.

Letting my sea-salt speckled bicycle carry me home, as the ebb and flow of the pedals play a song of release, acceptance, and change.