We can be very impatient in our own change process. We judge a bad day, a bad month, a bad season as evidence that we are not changing quickly enough or that we have somehow wasted time and gone backwards- and now we feel even that much further away from the place we are trying to get to.

     Isn’t it fortunate then, that when we get into these shame spaces inside of ourselves- where the mind says, “you’re not doing it quickly enough and you will never get there,” that we have such magnificent teachers in nature who teach us the exact opposite.

     Who teach us that you actually can’t stop change from happening. That you can’t stop a season or force a season. Who teach us that change often happens on its own accord- just like the trees and flowers and moon and sun and natural rhythms of life- we too are in a constant state of transformation within our own cycle and rhythm of self.

     So if you are seeking change and trying to get somewhere, but don’t feel like you are doing it fast enough- rest easy. All things truly do happen in their own time. Including you.

     And if you are seeking change, yet you feel stuck and don’t feel like you’ve taken any steps to make things different- rest easy. Just because you can’t see the seeds being planted doesn’t mean they won’t bloom and bud in time, helping you find your momentum.

     And if you don’t know where you’re at with any of it- rest easy. A tree cannot help but be a tree, and a flower cannot help but be a flower. A cloud will naturally embody the nature of a cloud, and a stone cannot help but embody the energy of being a stone.

     So if you just relax around all of it and allow yourself patience with your own growth and truth, you fill find that so as with nature, you cannot help but embody the nature of you.