There are those days where you just have to be.

Be with your own restless stillness and you own half-formed knowings. Be in the rain and the breeze and the sun and sink into the soft rhythms of nature, which never rush their own process of change, instead changing exactly when it is time in small increments and then giant bursts of blooming seed.

Yesterday is behind us, and tomorrow is still out of reach, and what we have is now, and this present moment of being in our own mysteries. And learning to recognize the keys to unlocking the self, which life brings into our path when it’s time for greater clarity.

Keys don’t always arrive in grand ways, more often than not they come in small clues and cues- – bits and pieces of feelings, scraps of words, soft signs and subtle nudges, slight erosion and quiet reshaping. The constancy of night fall and the break of each new day, which reminds us life moves towards perpetual motion, growth, change, and prosperity. A deepening vocabulary of our own golden soul-sing and heart-speak.

If you are in the abyss or have fallen between the cracks or would like to know but don’t see how- allow yourself this pause and breath and beat. And know it simply isn’t time for clearer seeing.

You’ll see when you see- no sooner and no later. In the meantime: Tread gentle. Whisper often to yourself. Make it the softest of soft. Hold a warm mug of amenity. Nestle into comfort rituals. Breathe with the trees and listen to their songs of wholeness. Give yourself this space and time. Quit trying to be the shaper. Be the shapee.

Most of all, just be. Trust beyond. Open your heart to life’s myriad keys. Knowing that when it’s the right moment, the answers you seek will unlock and become seen.