Unravelings happen
so we can knit ourselves
back into new shapes and hew.

Red yarn, yellow yarn,
blue yarn, gray yarn:
we change tone
and mood
and skin
as we shed the old
to embrace the new.

The soul has
a process all its own;
the heart a wisdom
only accessed through
sense and feel and color.
Obsidian lines mix
with calcite’s light,
breakthrough found
through allowing ourselves
to sink and go under.

Diving the deep,
embracing our mysteries,
submergence becomes
our soul-bloods necessity,
we can’t become more
if we cling to who
we used to be.

Knitting new seams
out of watery dreams;
the dark guides towards
new truth and clarity.
Rearranging our colors
into the person
we are meant to be.