The lake she glistens beneficently.

I talk to her beneath a tuesday sky and seek
inhale peace…
exhale release…
then tell her how hard it is to be-
some days you just want to shut the door
on everything and everyone-
this human thing requires so many boundaries,
yet divinity would ask of me
to open my heart
to reach out to others
to love all the things and the spaces that breathe.

Which way is right?
How can I honor all of my bes?
How can I find peace in such contradictory?
She answers with her wise lens of blue-swept keen:

All of it is valid.
All of it is right.
All of it true.

To be a servant of love in this space,
you must learn to care as deep as the trees
-from the pain of humanity to the brink of infinity-
but in the end,
you must return within,
be your own sacred friend and remember-

That same love must always come back to you.