Of course we all seem different-
of course we do!

We are a billion upon billion
unique expressions of Love
poured out onto this world,
here to remind each other how
to better live in light.

I know it may not always
seem so, that the dark of night
often precedes the face of the sun,
but when it comes down to
the heart of the heart of the matter-
we are more alike
than apart.

Each one of us wrapped in
strands of grace and bright:

Trying to work out our wounds
of unlove.

Trying to remember the nature
of who we truly are.

Trying to return to the Love
from where we came.

Don’t forget we are all connected,
each act of love or fear creating
the fabric of these days-

A kindness can change the course
of a life,
compassion help break the bonds
of pain.

And who we choose to be in the hallows
of this place-
will always, always matter.