He said hello
how do you do,

she realized
his already knew

that soul mates come
at space and time,
traveling paths
do intertwine

for sometimes life
has gifts in store
which ask us to
step through the door

go on a limb
and take a chance,
please take my hand
and have this dance.

She said hello
I love you too,

he realized
her already knew

a lifetime spent
questions unasked,
answers found
in true loves bask

with laughter light
and mischief make
they’re meant to be
make no mistake

a partner found
to love and play
pull up a chair
forever stay.

They said hello
my hearts for you,

they realized
their already knew

please take my hand
and always dance,
courageous hearts
give love a chance

and take the road
that lovers blaze
hand in hand
their rest of days

to walk beside
and hold on tight,
the gift of love
sets life aright.

He said hello
I’ll marry you

they realized
Love’s already knew

that life alone
would prove to be
the loss of
other half of thee

for life has placed
these kindred souls
to each’s care
to have and hold

to love and cherish
in their hearts
hold fast so that
they never part.

They said hello
our hearts are true,

down the aisle
journey to

for I love you
will ever do,
that it was you
I always knew

please walk to me
and ever be
soulmate of my

now take my hand
our vows made new
let’s bravely love
and say
I Do.