Love is the only blessing. And that means all love.

-Deepak Chopra, The Path to Love

There’s a beautiful, almost full moon out, the temperature is dropping close to zero, and I am cozily ensconced in bed with fluffy blankets, a sleeping pup, half a dozen candles, and a glass (or three) of chardonnay. I am enjoying Deepak Chopra’s spiritual and philosophical meditations on love. It is a great, great way to spend a chilly Tuesday night.

Books about love seem appropriate at the moment given Friday is Valentine’s Day, and my heart is extra happy as of late. But regardless of the state of my heart and contrary to much popular opinion, I have always loved Valentines. From my perspective, it’s not a day that has to be focused on romance, passion, and the expectation of relationship, instead it is a day where one is free to celebrate love. In all it’s forms.

And also chocolate. In all it’s forms.

I think romantic love is really beautiful, and I would be a liar if I didn’t say that my heart has been humming quite happily these days with delight over the new presence it has invited in. But romantic love isn’t everything, and having been single for quite awhile, I have always refused to concede a holiday that includes godiva, roses, and the copious use of hearts to the realms of couples and relationships. Why in the world should such a limited view of love have all the fun when there are so many different faces of love to be celebrated in the world?

Yesterday, I started the week off by making my sentiments known on facebook:

It’s Valentine’s Week! One of my favorite holidays! I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I don’t see what’s not to like. Chocolate? Good! Pretty Flowers? Good! Fluffy stuffed animals? Good! Love? Good!!! 

I say celebrate the beauty of love this week. Go out and get a beautiful card that uses terms like soul mate, other half, you complete me, can’t live without you… then write a heart felt note inside of it thanking this love for being in your life and promising you will ever be faithful and true. And then give it to yourself. While you are at it, throw in a dozen roses and a fancy box of candy, because you are worth exquisite love, great kindness, and the recognition that YOU are the great love of your life. 

We are so much better able to love others and be emotionally available in our relationships when we have already developed a compassionate presence of love with our own self. And whether it’s your faithful friends or the best little pupcake ever or your family or somebody extra special who makes your life better simply because they’re in it- we will find that when we cultivate a beautiful heart and clean loving spaces inside of ourselves, that love flows in and out exponentially and the strength and quality of those relationships will increase. 

Love is love is love is love. And that’s why I like Valentine’s Day, because I think love is beautiful to celebrate in all it’s forms, starting with you. Oh, and also, chocolate is really beautiful to celebrate in all it’s forms too. Just saying. 

Happy Love Week! Celebrate you! Yay!!!! Chocolate and roses for everybody!

And that’s how I see this week as I sit here surrounded by the soft light of candles, my warm solid ball of pup fluff, and the glorious moon hanging above- it is a blessing. All forms of love. Especially the love we bestow upon ourselves, because at the end of the day we will find that regardless of who is in our lives, we will always have ourselves. You might as well nourish that relationship with careful attention and loving hands realizing that while there is plenty of room for the presence of others, you will always be the great love of your life.

Happy Heart Week my friends! Embrace yourself, love joyfully, and celebrate chocolate in all it’s forms. xxo