We recover ourselves in bits and pieces. A push of momentum here. A moment of hope over there. A flash of transcendence that rises us up and over our breaks and spillage and grief.
     For a minute we are suspended on feathered wings lifting us up above the bigger picture; allowing us to see our whole. Giving us time to fly down and retrieve the pieces of self we laid or dropped along the way, taking back anything we accidentally gave away. Reclaiming parts we didn’t even know we’d lost. Reintegrating aspects long forgot.
     Retrieving, recalling, rewiring, renewing. Collecting fragments of psyche and soul, which help compose a deeper completion.
     Remembering: if this world doesn’t work for you then you’ve got to rework your world. Sewing wings of clarity and fortitude, so you can go on a treasure hunt for your truth. Learning that so much of what glitters will not turn out to be your gems or your gold, but you will surprise yourself with how many diamonds you find in the rough of your soul. You will surprise yourself with what you collect upon the way, and where your truest treasure lays.
     You will surprise yourself with your own capacity for wingspan and flight; becoming fuller with each descent and ascent, as you continue to move in your direction of light.