Sometimes I have to go quiet for awhile, and go to that place where introverts go. Where alone becomes necessity and silver silence my soulful gold.

Sometimes I have no words for awhile, for I’ve gone to the place where grievers meet. Tears are the language that transfigure our ache, for sometimes this world is too harsh to speak.

Sometimes I have to go within for awhile, return to the space of soul’s intelligence. I retreat to the turquoise cave of my heart, an oasis of peace in a hurting world that makes no sense.

Sometimes I need my space for awhile, to be in the place where the empath feels. To let my heart break on the shores of this world and spend myself out on humanity’s fields.

Sometimes I need need for awhile. To be in the void where love and loss link. To let myself drift on the seas of this life, dissolve in their mists as I hunger for drink.

Sometimes I need BE for awhile. To be okay with this human mess. Where grace is the blanket that covers life’s wounds, and I can curl up in her folds and find rest.

(image credited to Isabelle Bryer)