A tree doesn’t run around
shouting “I am a tree”
for all to see-
instead he simply stands
his ground, receives the seasons,
and knows his place
in this world.

A river doesn’t go
against her own flow,
or fight the current of
where her streams go – –
instead a river leans and
bends, allowing herself
the freedom to change

Flowers don’t feel
they needs to be a sea
or a horse or a cloud
or a crescent moon breeze – –
instead they realizes themselves
for exactly what they are, and
bloom- when time- in
splendid symphony.

We can string ourselves out
into thousands of pieces
always busy doing;
live in fear and believe security
equals an amassment of stuff;
spin ourselves dizzy with
tired circles of worry – –

And yet nature would teach us
-wherever we find ourselves
at any given moment-
We are complete
and enough.