I’m scrubbling and rubbling and bubbling and doing a bit of sudsy laundry in this wednesday note.

Also known as my clever way of using metaphor and alliteration to try and keep a bit of blog housekeeping interesting.

First, I am so pleased to announce the release of Hidden Lights: A Collection of Truths Not Often Told. An anthology co- edited by Carolyn Riker and myself, this project is 10 months in the making, and we are so happy to finally see its release. A collection of diverse voices that go to the core of truths not often told, this anthology touches on a wide range of human experiences with the common theme of being seen, heard, and valued running through its veins.

Second, I will continue to post on sunshine in winter– mostly poetry and prose- as the mood strikes, but if I’m around less, it’s because I have moved my therapeutic, creative, spiritual, and personal reflections over to my other blog. Also, I recently started a facebook page called Island Songs where I share daily words of inspiration and healing. Please feel free to connect with me on either site.

Last, change is Life’s way. Inevitable and unavoidable. I came to Kauai for change, and change is what I’ve received. In small trickles and then all at once in great gasping waves. Living over here has encouraged and forced me to live bigger, braver, and more authentically and to not be afraid of who I am or the gifts and voice I have been given to use in this world.

On that note, I am very excited to announce that I have been nudged (pushed and pulled, really) to write the sequel to Lamentations of The Sea: 111 passages on grief, love, loss, and letting go. There has always been a counterpart to this story; I just wasn’t ready to write it. But here I find myself, and the time is finally right.

So I am happy to say that in 2018 I will be releasing, Revelations of The Light: 111 passages on soul, spirit, the afterlife, and finding my brother on the other side.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of courage it has taken to get to a place where I can write the words above; undone by the beauty and rightness of how it feels to finally step into alignment with my true self. I have lived, and relived, and lived again the lesson that truth is the catalyst for more truth.

And when we are invested in speaking and living our truth, only there will we find a free heart. Sometimes it just takes a bit of courage to follow it.

Thank you for following along. I’ll be back with more poetry soon, and in the meantime- be well, be free, be truth, be you.

In peace and love,