My dear girl-
you thought
it was over,
but you were just
getting started.

Coming home
to your self,
slipping into those
wings you sewed
from faith
and fall
and fortitude.

Preparing to fly
so high,
the sky is no
longer your
into the stars
where those
who’ve walked
before reside,
and your
destiny lays.

Like a tree
you shall be;
roots firmly grounded
in this blessed
she is big enough
to hold your days,
treat her kind
and you’ll
always find
your way.

With limbs
and mind
your wanting branches
waving free,
your wise eyes
bravely see:
soaring through
the galaxies,
collecting Love
for you and me.

May you be safe.
May you be well.
May you be the change
you seek.

Go forth
my friend and shine
your bright;
and be the light
you’re called
to be.