Sweep, sweep, sweep.

That’s the sound of me doing a bit of housekeeping tasks and updating on sunshine in winter.

First of all, I’m so very happy to announce that Heliotrope Nights: starlight for the mind and soul is out in book form and ebook. If you married nature poetry with spiritual prose and threw in a whole lot of colorful illustrations, you would get this book- the rainbow hippie love child among poetry books. It’s like Vitamin D for the spirits.

Second, I will continue to post poetry, a bit of prose, and short essays here, but I created another website under my name, and I share all other content over there ranging from therapeutic/psychological reflections to personal reflections to updates on my books and life in general. So for anyone whose likes to read those kinds of things, you can find me here.

Last, June marks 5 years since I’ve been blogging at sunshine in winter. The actual anniversary is still a couple weeks off, but the way time is slip, slip, slipping away these days I thought I’d take a brief pause and say thank you to all who have read these words. I’ve so appreciated the kind words and connections I have found hear throughout the years- it’s good medicine for the heart.

And I thank you readers and friends. Mitakuye Oyasin. 

Peace and love,