A long lull.
Then suddenly- all at once.
A place to live, then rent is due as piles of papers and bags pile immense.
Remnants of a former self headed for recycling bins.

I’ve cried in the emptying.
Stood beneath the fresh crease of warm pockets of hope in the planning.
Lost then found then lost then found then lost
f r a g m e n t s
of self
among the clicks and clacks of this pendulum of




Change of address.
Change of life.
Change of self.
Change of direction- North to South.
And me in between unwinding, rebinding, unraveling, undoing-

Finding the courage to let go.
Finding the courage to leave.
Finding the courage to shed this cocoon.
Finding the courage to stand beneath those pockets of hope, receive what I need
-just enough to see me through-
push me to fly unfettered.

Swift on wings of free.