A card on my doorstep.

An act of kindness in a time where I’m feeling
pressed in,
crushed in,
buried in layers,
of crunch
of stress
of requests-
too far ahead
too far behind

12 steps beside myself

always trying to catch myself
and find my way back in
to this skin.

So full over there,
doing that, doing which-
I cannot fill here, fill this, feel this
this heart,
this moment,
this peeling layer of shell

I am lost in my undoings
scattered among strewn pieces of self.

12 steps beside myself

I cannot find my way back into my skin.
But in the busyness of transitory times,
she left a card on my doorstep-
“you deserve to be appreciated”
“i love you”
“i see you”
-and it doesn’t matter that I’m shedding my life
faster than I can reknit and remend-
her words hit, heal and feel somewhere within.

Kindness matters.
Kindness matters.
Kindness matters.
-say it again,

Kindness matters
and sometimes lost becomes found
when we receive the unexpected love of a friend.