It’s out! Lamentations of the Sea: 111 passages on grief, love, loss and letting go- I have felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas as I have anticipated its launch with a mix of excitement and nervous energy. And after a couple days of delay due to technological difficulties, I am so happy to say you can find it here.

It is such a gift to see it come to fruition- and as I think back to a year ago and realize that I was preparing the eulogy for my brother’s memorial this time last year- it is a testament and a grace to how far and deep and wide we can travel in a short amount of time when we stay open to life and love.

This is just as much a story of comfort, love, and hope as it is a story of grief, loss, and learning to let go. Through 111 passages composed of essays, reflections, illustrations, poetry, and prose, this book is a friend to anyone going through grief, and, is of course, deeply meaningful and highly personal.

I sat the other night with a glass of wine, my favorite music, and a view of the night sky, staring out the window and just saying thank you for the good things that can come from life. We can never escape the hardship- if you are living in this place, then hardship will come in its own time- but we can be doubly grateful for all that is beautiful and good.

Right now, I am double grateful. And then some.

I’m launching this book on the wings of 1,001 angels with the hopes that its kind comfort will fall on the hearts who most need it and spread a ripple effect of grace and light in this space.

Namaste, and Love, and Yay at last for publication!

-Blessed Be,