Good Morning,

First of all, freebird fridays was released today. You can find it here.

Second of all, I meant to have this website revamped by the time of today’s release, yet here I find myself un-revamped and woefully under-prepared.

Kind of like the process of life.

We expect it to look a certain way- create a map for the journey we think we are going to take, then find ourselves deposited in some other land where our maps are no good and we are forced to navigate via the stars and our hearts and the sweeping current that is Life.

The current took me in a different direction this year than the one I anticipated. Last year, I was newly married, my brother was still alive, and we were content to remain in Alaska a few more years. This year, I am not quite so newly married with our one year anniversary just under our belt, my brother is no longer alive, and we will be heading to Kauai in approximately 7 months.

So swept the current.

And so this past year became an odyssey of love and strength and grief, navigated by the light of the stars and the grit of my heart. freebird fridays is part of what came from that. I wanted to offer something positive to the world, words of love and hope and restoration, after such a season of dark.

So if you have a been a long time reader, I thank you for your collective support along the journey and the kind and encouraging words you’ve often offered me on the way. And if you are new and are just stopping by to take a peek, hello to you and thanks for dropping in.

At some point soon, this site will look a little different when I get around to all that revamping and rearranging. Seems like I haven’t quite caught up to my own life yet. Oh well, such are things sometimes.

But for today? I’m closing my computer after I post this. And I’m going to go look at the stars outside, still twinkling in the dark of an Alaskan night. And I’m going to find a tree later and go sit by her and be grounded in the midst of all the publication rush. And I’m going to talk to the sky and contemplate the odyssey of this past year and simply say thank you.

Because despite the way that currents have swept, I find myself overwhelmed with the beauty of it all. And so very grateful.

For this precious wisp that is our life.

Happy Freebird Friday,