She thought about the time
she stood Life’s fool,
leaping off the precipice
to find her falling slowly.

She thought about her
humpty dumpty heart
and all the rich gold she
found to seal the cracks,
to put the pieces back
together again, creating
a beautiful mosaic of
deep broken whole.

She thought about the
exquisite beauty when she
breathed the joyful air of
love’s major and the sorrowful
grief when she held her arms
across her belly crying love’s minor,
and realized she had claimed
her place on the steps
of Love’s temple.

She thought about the time
she finally learned to cross
the cold, dark ocean to save
herself then she took Life’s
green ribbon and wrapped her
box of darkness, thanking it
for lessons learned:

the fire in her belly,
the steel in her spine,
the tangled dark roots
anchoring her steady ground,
the healing waters pouring
from her hands and lips,
the free heart flying sky high.

She smiled at the wisdom
of the last four years,
thanking her loving self
for seeing her through,
then curled up with just her
for the very last time.
Alone but no longer lonely
for she knew she would
always have she.

She gently closed the
book of this time
recognizing the last
chapter was almost over,
and it was near time to
begin to leap once more,
Life’s fool again,
and softly whispered,
The End.

Then dearly said with
all that lay in her gold
laced heart,
My love,
I will see you tomorrow.