If I could go back and give myself a letter,
to the girl from last summer who sat broken in the sun,
surrounded by ravens bringing her darkness to light,
trying to trust her process twisted though it seemed,
wondering if she had fallen beyond life’s bounds.

I would tell her change nothing,
You are becoming what you must.

I would tell her to trust her heart,
It knows where it needs to go.

I would tell her it’s going to get really
ugly at some points, allow this ugliness,
It is okay to be ugly.

I would tell her the pain is not in vain,
Wise hearts are forged through internal truth and experience.

I would tell her what feels broken
is a necessary break,
You are not meant to live in illusion.

I would tell her to listen to Stay
as many times as need be,
You will learn to love yourself enough to leave.

I would tell her she’s going to write
some really sad, tear soaked stuff that
others will eventually read,
You will smile at your words someday.

I would tell her now that she has learned
her capability for deep, massive love,
You need to learn to direct that inwards.

I would tell her to trust her process,
You will create a beautiful heart.

I would tell her my dear sweet girl,
no matter how dark the path may seem,
You are never alone, I am with you all along.
However else do you think you have always known 
how to find your way home, my darling.