Good morning and here it is!

I Love Me, I Love Me Not

That’s me if you click on the link! What an exciting day! Thank you Elephant Journal. I’m so extraordinarily grateful. ❤

(Note- It is 2016 as I write this, and I have been going back through this blog and cleaning out and up old content. I almost deleted this post, feeling it wasn’t relevant anymore, and stilled my hand instead: this is the first thing I ever had published. 

I’m not sure if I have ever been more excited than to get this yes from Elephant Journal. It came at a time in life where I badly needed a yes badly needed to learn to realize the scope of my own capability if I put my mind to something.

3 1/2 years later and that was just the beginning, but it was my beginning. And so I’ve decided to keep it here for posterity’s sake, and just in case, as the years go by, I find myself looking back on the passage of life as told in this blog and needing reminder that this is where it started. 

After all, we all have to start somewhere, don’t we? Here was mine.)