Spend Love…even when you don’t always get a return on your investment.

It is so easy to throw walls up inside for fear of getting hurt, but as it turns out the heart is incredibly resilient and is meant to love expansively.  Fear, control, anger, self preservation…these things are more easily dispensed than love, and yet they diminish us and make us less than who we are meant to be.  Love opens us up and makes us more than who we are alone, ensconced in a wall built on fear and self-protection.

Loving yourself means opening your heart up to the world around you, and where love is, joy and freedom are always found.  And it’s true that sometimes we don’t get a return on that which we invest in someone else, but often that return is simply coming later on in unexpected form, better than anything we could possibly imagine.

So go spend some love today and know that somewhere out there, the Universe is smiling down on you.