Hello out there world…. it’s the little blond girl at her yellow desk in the rainbow room introducing myself for the first time…

Somehow I thought that the first post in the blog I’ve been talking about getting started forever would be something really spectacular. A BAM!!!! A mission statement about who I am that drops the gauntlet of purpose and creates a cohesive picture of what this blog is supposedly about.

I’ve put off starting this for awhile, because I wanted it to be just right, just perfect… and then I realized how fake that is, because my life isn’t “just right” and it’s definitely not “perfect.” It is messy and imperfect and wonderful and beautiful, even when it’s not, and it is nothing like what I thought it would look like…. and it is in the process of sorting through all of those pieces that I am able to feel whole and connect with my True North that I can usually feel beating steadily inside directing me on the right path… when I take the time to be still and listen.

After 14 years of the same, life took a dramatic turn for different almost a year ago today. Somehow it seems appropriate that this marks the one year anniversary landmark of what I like to call being married to myself. Writing helps me find my voice, find my truth… and since everything I am about in this world is being myself to the full extent I can be, the best mission statement I have is that this blog is simply a place for me to be me.

After countless pages, word documents, and thoughts jotted down into the notes section of my phone, I’ve literally spent the last year writing myself into being, and this is the next step in my process. I don’t know how to be anybody other than myself now… and it took me a long, long time to get here. And if it happens to spark something in someone else? That’s simply buttercream icing on the cake.

So this is happy thoughts and deep thoughts and sad thoughts and joyful thoughts. Finding sunshine in unexpected places and finding the things that make my heart soar with joy.  Questions about the Universe and faith and what all of this means?

Lighthearted things that bring me joy from my beloved dog (who I simply refer to as Dog when I write, though he has a perfectly good name), to cake, to colorful shoes, to dressing like Rainbow Bright so I can reflect the rainbows I often feel inside.

Deep matters of the heart on love and relationships and who I’m meant to be in this world.  It is Alaska and mountains and running and dancing and art and all sorts of eclectic interests that make me smile.

It is discovering your voice as a single woman in her 30’s and navigating the streams of developing a true love relationship with myself. Finding beauty and magic in unexpected places and learning to put my glasses on so I can see the miracles going on around me.  It is humor and quirkiness and a bit eccentricity.

Most of all, this is about transformation and learning to accept myself in the process… all parts of me.  I’m big on self love and self acceptance and believe the only way to really change the world is to start with changing ourselves.

So Hi World!  I greet you with both hands waving enthusiastically!  This might not be the BAM! that I envisioned for a first post, but then again life isn’t always about the BAMS! but the ebbs and flows and pauses in between…. so maybe it’s okay to breathe, pause, keep it simple and thank the Universe for having me in it.  It’s very very good to be here.