I am single, but not lonely.

I look at this time in life right now as a gift.

It is the gift of self-love.  Of learning to be whole and happy without filtering myself through the lens of another.  To love myself and be myself so thoroughly I no longer know how to put on masks or be anything less than my colorful, unsaturated me.   To learn to love and validate myself, exactly as I am.

It is the gift of time.  Time to write.  Time to draw and create.  Time to run out for ice-cream at midnight.  Time to spend with friends.  Time to sleep in.  Time to get up in the middle of the night and read.  Time to get coffee and sit in parks and take long walks with the dog.  Time to travel.  Time to buy turquoise sheets and floral curtains.  Time to structure my days and architect my life as I see fit.

It is the gift of exploration.  Exploring myself.  Exploring my inner world.  Exploring the world at large.  Exploring new relationships. Exploring new places.  Exploring new ideas.  Exploring what I think about love and faith and life and happiness.

It is the gift of independence.  Of taking pride in providing for myself and building a beautiful life.  Of knowing that I am actively owning my life and walking down the road less traveled.  Of learning to trust my voice, trust my intuition, and trust my heart, even if these things make sense to nobody else but me.

It is the gift of space.  Such great, great happy space in my heart.  Space to be me.  Space to stretch my wings.  Space to run free in the world arms outstretched, heart unfettered as I take in all the moments I used to walk right past, not even realizing I’d just seen a miracle happen.

These days are not always easy and they are not always comfortable… but oh how I love these days, these precious gifts that have taken me down uncharted territory of the heart and soul.  These days are my gift and I cherish them dearly.  My heart is full of gratitude at the fantastic beauty of life.  The thousands of unassuming moments everyday that say magic happens in this world and that I am so very loved.

I sit here stretched across my turquoise sheets writing this.  Sunlight streams through the windows and the sounds of the neighborhood in summertime keep me company.  The dog is curled up beside me napping in a sunbeam.  I am alone with my thoughts and my happy heart thrumming softly inside of me, and I am so very grateful for the gift of this day.  Single?  Yes.  But not lonely.

How can one be lonely when surrounded by so much LOVE.