Every time the rain falls I find myself in her dancing drops: I in she, she in me, and together we wash things clean. Remembering life renews itself every single moment, and we are allowed to release what we don’t wish to carry.

La luna may hide her face from the night, but will soon cycle round and return with her light. Regenesis is creation’s way. Reinvention life’s. A sunrise resets, a good sleep reboots, our bodies shed in synchronicity as peels of our old selves falls away, while the songs in our cells bring fresh skin to dew.

We are transformative creatures, and this is a transient place. We can be baptized in a blink. Birth ourselves once more, and then again. Restart, reconstruct, relinquish, review. Every day we are the water which rinses this world new.

The rain how she falls, I in she, she in me. Together we tap dance in crystalline streams- – toe heel tip // tap tap tap // love is all // slap heel dig– – making art with her drops on the ground, down the streets.

We go hand and hand washing everything clean.