I think sometimes in a world that seems to be growing larger by the technological, media saturated second, it is very easy to wonder what possible difference we can make in our tiny ponds when the larger ocean seems so vast and troubled and deep.

To that I would simply ask. Did you do something kind today? Did you care for a child? Did you love your furry friend? Did you try and make someone smile? Did you do the best you know to do? Did you cast out love and compassion into the world in any shape or form? Did you do the work of a healer, a carer, a dreamer, an artist, a conscious human, a wakened being who realizes life is bigger than just the self? Did you add hope, wishes, beauty, imagination, compassion, kindness, faith, nurture, care, guidance, LOVE to this world, in any shape or form?

If you answered yes, than you are making a difference.

You see, it’s not that the world has become too big, jaded or wounded to make a change. It’s that our own sense of impact has become too small. We diminish the power we hold inside of ourselves to change the spaces we occupy. We forget that the tiniest ripple can gain momentum and create a wave of transformation. We trick ourselves into thinking this world is too hardened and hopeless to help. We deny the innate authority given to us by the gift of Life, to rise up and live and make a difference in any capacity we can.

Throw out your preconceived notion of success. The world already has enough achievement in material famed form, and it needs no more. Change is not about achievement, change is about love. And what the world needs most is the Love you have to bring to the table.

It is not the world that is too big to change. It is us that think we are too small to make a difference.

Goodnight World.  May we have sweet dreams of hope, wakings of inspired gratitude, and lives that reflect our compassionate power for change.