falling drifting
flying free

love provoking
writing me

off the ledge
into the deep

awakened heart
no more asleep

standing at
life’s precipice

one more step
her foot will miss

and take her out
into the night

cocoon unravels
wings first flight


splinters of
her soul to see

to speculate
for gossip’s fodder

warnings of
forsaken daughter

written off
and counted lost

they failed to see
her soul’s true cost

the broken heart
she stepped across

the price of self
her world a loss

wounded healer
bleeds unseen

broken open
heart is cleaned

truth of self
does cauterize

authentic heart
stamped notarized

her journey seems
like foolishness

to those who fear
the precipice

who have not leapt
into the night

guided by moon’s
ancient light

many there are
still in slumber

wakened woman
stands in thunder

done with
pleasing biddable

inner strength

she stepped outside
and saw the sun

caves shadowed play
a myth undone

wake she cries
come see the light

that chases shadows
with its bright

fear is but

and love a healing

for love will catch you
when you fall

show you
grace extends to all

so she falls
into the sky

daughter of the moon
does fly

you cannot cage
a heart that’s free

your boxes have
no hold on me

fearless heart
walks where she must

deepest oceans
darkest dust

lantern high
her heart alight

she spreads her wings
in fearless flight

flies to places
land uncharted

spreading love
to hope’s departed

falling drifting
flying free

love provoking
fearless me