Sometimes colors are needed instead of words: Gentle mahoganies and rubellite trees, which tether you to the soft of this earth. Emerald creeks and rosette streams bring you back to the heart of your worth.

     Sounds take on new tones and hues; angelite chords strum the sapphire blues; emerald cadence repairs and renews, while saffron and fawn play a song of fresh dew. Tangerine dreams and lavender beams take you out to the cusp of sunset’s seam; where this world falls away and you feel the unseen. Crystalline creams and ametrine gleams; softest peach and green tourmalines.

      Rainbows sweep with spinel beats, the heart keeps time in color’s keep, and in this space of speak-less peace, all words fall away, and the world is bathed in love.