I think it’s all going
to be okay
when I’m in nature,
the rain washes
anything bad away

the worries
I carry
are reduced
-to drops
& trickles
of midnight dew

when I’m in nature
I find love’s still
in the beat of earth’s heart,
there is a precision
of fluid start – –

and end
and in-between
of day’s
and set
and golden mean

things feel
kinder and gentler;
more reassured, outdoors,
clouds shake awake
and change shape:
gateways to imagination’s

where things
don’t matter
so much
except for angel’s soft song
and water’s calm pour . . .

and flow
and ebb,
and the way
the old falls away
into sky’s misty gray,
to be transformed
into dawn
of new day

life is a transient
in this space;
I find my place;
breathe in grace;
feel love’s pace
(remember that life
will always find a way) – –

and when I’m in nature
I know everything’s
going to be