I have found that most big changes don’t come easily. Especially changes that require a huge shift in perspective or action.

I think at times we hope Life will make it easy on us- that if we keep one foot in one world, and sorta stick our toe out into space, that Life will help create a world under our other foot, so we can safely make the crossing and step fully into a new space.

If only it were so easy, but it doesn’t really work like that. And it actually takes away the ability to learn to be our own agency of change, because that’s like striking a bargain with Life:

“Show me that it will be better, tell me how it’s going to look, and exactly what will happen, and I promise then I’ll let go.”

Where’s the choice in that? And what limitations do we put on Life and its beautiful possibilities when we insist on knowing how it will unfold.

I think not only does Life sometimes have something even better waiting for us than we could imagine, but Life knows that we can only fully step into our personal authority when we own our choices and let go without a guarantee of what will happen.

And just trust.

Change requires courage. Embracing discomfort. The ability to jump. The faith to leap. The leaving of certitude to fling yourself into the unknown. New ground will only reform when you’ve left the old behind you.

I think it has to be this way, for if Life is to bring you something new and better, then you’re not really allowed to take the old with you.

There’s just not enough space for both, and they won’t be particularly compatible.

And as somebody who has made many a leap, I can say that change is scary, the path doesn’t always look like you thought it would, and it can feel pretty wild to fly through the unknown, having left the safety net behind- but there is always, always something better waiting on the other side.


(Artist, Lucy Campbell, “Leap of Faith”)