Can you learn to sit
with the not knowing.
With your own
unanswered questions
of self whose answers
are met with more questions – –
an unclear picture,
a half finished puzzle,
whose pieces are still
being collected
as you go.

Can you learn to drop
into your own space
of nebula.
Learn to trust the process
for being what it is – –
the unsolved mystery
of you, whose
resolution and absolution
can only be discovered
through your living.

Can you learn to love
the wild unknown – –
that uncanny space
where the wild things
grow and dreams are
discovered and star-wishes
are met with magic dust,
preparing your path,
creating your next step – –

Inviting you to be
an admirer of the beauty
of your own becoming,
and make peace with
the untamed art
that is you.