My dear one,
it is a brave, big world.
If you let it.

Filled with scopes
that collide in our nights,
filled with lights
that multiply our scopes-

Each one of us
a jubilation
of kinetic creation
(a soul’s evolution)
told in the tales
of each personal

We keep waiting
for a destination,
but the time
to live,
to breathe,
to be
is now;

We can’t realize
the truth found
in existence
without learning
to sink into sound-

And touch
and taste
and sense
and breath
and love
and you
and me.

My dear one,
you have been
called here
to live,
to feel,
to learn to see

Each day a
variegated dance
of catch and release,
a journey of

So you can learn the truth
of what it means
to BE.