She is the first mountain
I ever climbed.
8 years old,
I think I can,
one foot in front of the other,
because I didn’t want to quit
and thought I heard
the songs of fairies
hidden in her gardens
and went in chase.

magenta mixed with
mahogany erase-
muddy treks
and white flecks
and tundra collects
and hides 10,000 Who’s
in its specks-
I almost hear their
joyous noise
over the thunks of my
earth slick steps.

This mountain,
she hides
all her mysteries
in her wrinkles
and her lines,
and you will miss them,
her portals to the divine.

Things unseen,
yet still alive,
worlds within worlds
on her face reside,
and just as I did
way back when,
I go in chase of
the invisible,
(if you have the eyes)

Her magic waits in
the in-betweens,
earth’s kaleidoscope
of rhymes.