Yesterday is still so close
I can almost hold it in my grasp – –

Its memories twined with
soft feathers of fancy and
nostalgia laced filters;
everything taking on a faded tint
of quieter, gentler, lighter, kinder.

There is this ache
if I stare at those memories too long
-humble in paucity-
they sit unsettled, a skin remembered that doesn’t quite suit,
yet is want to go away;
they yearn to linger in the
corners of my migrant mind,
reminding me of the things that came to pass
in the passage of these days.

I’d retrace those moments
if I could,
relive, repeat, revive, refeel
-sometimes I miss them, miss when, miss him-
those songs of old lang syne
filled with bittersweet faces of times gone by
and echoes of life’s yesterdays
( …a person could get lost
in such a place… ).

And since I wish to stay found,
wish to rewake, rejoice, rebirth, renew,
wish to be in the times of this day – –
I instead fondly say Hello, Adieu
then let those old friends pass on through.

For Life wasn’t meant
to be lived in remembrance;
but through experience;
the roads we’ve passed just that-

And as much as there is
comfort in the hanging on,
the truth of letting go is the only truth
that will give our hearts the space
to be free – –

So we can be in the days of right now
-be present for what comes to pass-
live, learn and love new memories.