I would like to be a friend in the darkness,
a herald of hope in the black
of a raven night

to stand tall underneath
a starless sky and shine bright with the stars
in my eyes.

I would like to take this love I hold inside,
toss it out in careless, care-filled, fistfuls-
let it be my greatest currency,
let it defy the labels that put us in our place,
let it become my construct whose only bounds
is grace.

I would like to rest upon the frozen of the earth,
put my heart in hibernation
’til it’s no longer weary from care

let winter’s sleep become
my absolution.
my resolution.
my reconciliation.
from the grief that still aches to bear.

But the moon has begun to wax again,
tilts her dark of face towards snow spilled sky
and tells me sleeping beauty must wake from the cold,
learn to be
the spark,
the flame,
the fire,
that shows the way back to the light.

I would like to shine into the shadows
be the change for better ways,

be everyone and everything
as I am you and you are me
this connection we all are-
can you hear it thrumming in the heartbeat of these days?

Calling us towards Love and Light beneath the cold cheek
of a hope-filled raven night.