My dear one,
I know it’s hard to be
in a world that has oft
forgotten how to be,

But you will never
find your stars
if you do not learn to
open your eyes to
the night.

And you will never
discover just how big
you are–
if you insist on keeping
yourself placed inside the
lines drawn by others.

You were made for
greater things
great one,
the kind of things,
which unbind
your strings to gravity
so you can better shoot
through the sky.

Don’t sacrifice your power
to fit another’s box,
or think for a second you
didn’t come from love.

Or ever believe;
you don’t have a place in
the grace of these days.

For we are the makers
making it rain.

We are the wizards
behind our own curtains.

We are the dreamers,
dreaming out loud.