It takes bravery to be the person you are meant to be in this world.

To stand up and place loving boundaries around your life that welcome in what nurtures you and minimize what hurts your soul. To cast off others’ interpretations and judgments about who you are, refusing to let them hold that kind of power over you, so you can live and claim your own truth. Even if nobody else understands that truth.

Arguing in favor of your innate expansiveness and ability to carry forth your dreams instead of arguing in favor of staying small by defending your limitations. Giving yourself permission to be the divine Love that you are, realizing that Love begins inside yourself.

Sometimes bravery looks big and bold, sweeping through the course of our lives, uprooting the familiar in exchange for radical change. Rearranging everything in its path, taking us on exciting adventures and ushering us into new territory.

But more often than not, before reaching that bold sweeping state, the origins of bravery begin with the faintest of a flicker. A simple spark set into motion when we find the courage to speak the words,

I am no longer willing.