I’ve passed this lake
so many times
she watched me shift
from young maiden
to wise woman
in the blink of a
few winters eyes.
Where have
the days gone.

I’ve ran these woods
so many miles
they can tell you
the shape of my steps,
and know the weight
of my heart by
the weight of
each strike.
How far I’ve
traveled on foot-
there are the journeys
we make within
and the journeys
we take without.

I’ve pressed my
palms to the earth
so often she long ago
bade me welcome,
inviting me to sit,
stay for awhile,
and tell her of the wild dreams
I seek for the earth
of my life.

I keep searching
for the truths of my heart
by way of the stars,
by the shifts of the clouds,
by the grace of suns
rises and sets.

They tell me of the
secret of growing pains,
that it aches to become.

They tell me that you can’t
use people to plug the holes in
your sinking ship,
that you must learn the
ever changing nature of water
and how to swim strong
for yourself.

They tell me that the purpose
of any good truth is
simply to learn
how to live it.