The moon’s mysteries
are insurmountable-
They sent a man
to walk on her,
and he still never
figured her out.
Her bright transcends

She’ll remind you
there is always
a way…
Even in darkness.
And though she may
wax and wane,
she will always
return to the light.
She changes
accepting life’s
cycles as they
come, never trying
to fight them.

She embodies
what it means
to be real in this place.
Never pretending
to be anything other
than who she is-
Whether it’s vulnerable
turn of void,
or quiet curve of
or dazzling star sprayed
gloss of full.

She will tell you-
if you stare at her
long enough-
the truth of who
we are.
That our truest
treasure awaits
in the space of
our authenticity.