It is a bold
new world,
if you let it-
Filled with
the possibility
of You.
Of Now.

Life may not
have looked
the way you
unraveling its
shape into a pile
of red yarn at
your feet,
once knit
with the hopes
of your heart.

But in its
undoing you’ve
been given
a gift: (I’ll tell
you a secret-)
There is grace
in the mess
and new paths
to find among
those scarlet
ropes, if you
learn to follow
the direction
life takes you.

None of it
was a mistake,
and none of it
in vain: You
are exactly
where you are
supposed to be-
Remember that.

Standing there,
cardinal string
bravely clasped
in hand, ready
to receive Life’s
beginning and
let it lead you
where it will.

(I’ll tell you
another secret-)
You cannot
possibly lose
your way:
All roads lead
back to love.