There are these
thresholds that
we cross,
doorways that
usher in untapped

They come in
many shapes
and sizes,
some grand
and rather
magnanimous in scope-
the kind of
irrevocable decisions
that lead us to a choice
at our crossroads.

And some
are smaller,
the kinds of crossroads
we cannot see,
but rearrange a heart
regardless, and change,
our nature of this life.

We can’t go back
to the garden again,
and have it be
as it once was.
But we can learn
to go forward.
And we can learn
to trust, that Life,
knows something
about our path we
cannot always see-

And we will never
see it coming,
never guess
what’s next,
never know the
gifts that could be,

If we don’t find
the courage
to step through:
Life’s invitation
of inception.

So we can see
what lays waiting
on the other side.