Let them fall
away from you.
Those old shells,
which no longer
fit, those skins
that feel too tight
and don’t suit.

Can’t you see,
you’re only holding
your heart back,
by keeping those
wings clipped
into submission-
you deserve the
grace of unfurled
and the breadth
of sky, to find
your place in.

Do not forget
who you once were,
you glorious creature,
who used to soar so free
and run with the stars
along the glittered
fields above…
so throw yourself
into the arms of
the great unknown,
and let Life catch you
then remind you,
of your ability to fly.

You’ve come too far
to bind your strings
to the laws of gravity-
only small deeds
require the certitude
of land and the
safety of the shore,

And you my dear,
are anything
but small.