I know it stings.

To feel so misunderstood
in a world which makes
you long for understanding.

And how hard you have tried,
to be like them, so you’d stop
feeling wrong about being you.

I cannot do it for you
My Dear, Sweet Girl-
carve out the space
where you will find your fit;
even if that means you carve
a Salvador Dali kind of space
which oozes strange,
and welcomes fluid freedom.

You must find the tools to carve
it on your own, for only you
know your exact fit.

But I can offer you
these words and tell you
that the world becomes lesser,
when we lessen ourselves.

No matter how estranged
you find yourself in the
strangeness of this place,
you do belong to it:

For you are here-
are you not?

Never forget that.

You would not be
if you didn’t
already belong.