There is no secret
to happiness.

But there is learning
to find life where
you are planted,
and learning how to
breathe in something
bigger, than just yourself.

And there is listening
to the crackle of a fire
on a simple Sunday night
and getting lost in the
magic of the moon, then
finding your way home
under it’s tender,
burnished gaze.

There is no secret
to love.

But there is learning
to meld with the soul
of another, and knowing
the world becomes lighter
when we laugh together.

And there is exquisite
kindness and putting
yourself out on that limb
each and every time-
even if it means falling off-
for someday soon I know,
You will learn how
to catch you.

There is no secret
to life.

But there are great mysteries
who await your finding,
and there are these precious
days whose moments
we can embody.

And there is learning
to inhabit your gorgeous
gift of self with all the
grace and courage and
utter humanity
that you can muster.

There is no secret
other than:
it’s all a secret,
and us the keepers.

And if you stay open,
it will reveal itself to you
in everything that has breath.
In each change and shift
of heartscape.
In every brave act of change.
In anything that you love,
because when you love-
you have surely seen
the face of Life and know
the benediction of salvation.

In a quiet space of being
under a magic moon,
on a simple Sunday night.